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Henley Music School Policies

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Henley Music School is committed to not only providing outstanding music education to anyone, but while achieving this remain inclusive in all areas.

HMS prices 01.09.2022

We evaluate our pricing every term, and with ALL activities have bursaries of up to 100% available, with no arduous form, working with families and schools to reach a cost that means every person has the opportunity to learn & love music.

After School Clubs - £65 per term, per child
Individual lessons from home - £37 per hour, per child
Individual lessons at school - £35 per hour, per child
HMS Sunday's - £150 a year (around 15 sessions)
String Sunday - £200 for a year (around 15 sessions)
Youthful Orchestra - £180 for the year (around 14 sessions)
School curriculum lessons - £35 per hour charged to school

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