Henley Music School can offer individual lessons in any instrument. 


We generally offer 10 half hour lessons a term, but we adapt the length of lesson to the individual. 

We understand that music lessons can appear expensive, so we do have a range of bursaries and scholarships available.

We also loan instruments free of charge for a period of time.


Don't forget we offer up to 100% bursaries on all things H.M.S just ask. 


Music education for All

Laura Reineke

Founding Director, headteacher & violinist!

Laura is founding director, Safeguarding lead & has paediatric first aid.  She also plays the violin, a bit of piano and ukulele and has been known to conduct!

Carl Bache

Sax & Clarinet

Carl is also Paediatric first aid, and Safeguarding officer.  Carl is a wonderful Sax & clarinet player, he is incredibly hard working, and also loves to play golf!

John Watts


John is one of our wonderful brass teachers - he plays one of the fun-ist instruments!  The TUBA!

Sean Law

Double Bass & Music Tec.

Sean is an amazing Double Bass player, but also a complete wiz on all things screen related!

Mike Hurst

Popular music, singing

Mike Hurst has been a major player in the music industry for over 40 years.

An original member of the top British vocal group The Springfields, Mike then went on to become one of the most successful producers of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Margaret Fish


Margaret loves teaching singing and has taught all ages from 6 to 78! She firmly believes anyone can sing better than they or their friends and family think they can. Singing is such fun and helps breathing and confidence

Alison Wilkins

Piano, Flute, Keyboards & Theory

Ali can play almost anything if you sing it!  She loves music theory, which we think makes her unusual!  Ali is also our specialist piano teacher for students with Autism, and visits Bishopswood special school weekly.

Jack Bryant

Jack's passion for drumming began in a basement in the year 2000.  Jack formed his first band and started his long musical journey that has taken him on many UK and European tours and to stages at 2000 Trees festival, Reading and Leeds, Ieper Hardcore Fest and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Jack has a huge passion for inspiring, encouraging and educating the future generation of drummers and believes that with hard work, persistence and perseverance, every drummer can achieve their goals.  

Jessica Ortony

French Horn

Jess is a phenomenal French Horn player, and has a talent for coaching specialist brass groups.

Liz Bache

Piano, Choir & Small people

Lovely Liz, as she is known at HMS - is a specialist small person tutor and an amazing pianist.

Harry Bland

Drums & Band Coach

Harry has been a professional musician and tutor for over 15 years, and plays in numerous original and cover bands and have played all over the UK and Europe.  He currently plays in an original band called 'Mercury' which is a fairly new project and also spend a lot of my time playing for a band called 'Pent House 5'.  He coaches all 3 HMS Bands, who rehearse every Friday.

Emma Gale

Flute & Recorder

Emma is our fabulous flautist, but also takes mini recorder club at HMS, and Toot Club at Trinity School.

Tom Hammond


Tom is a busy Piano teacher, who also has played in various bands including an appearance at Reading Festival. When not teaching he's kept even busier being Dad to a growing family!

Stewart Lewins

Guitar, Brass

Stewart is also our lead conductor for Henley Youthful Orchestra, where he miraculously arranges all the music to suit all the different levels.  

Richard James


Richard is a welsh singer, who loves teaching voice and piano and believes any one can sing!

Ana Borzone


Ana is an amazingly talented Cellist.  She never stops, and incredibly dedicated.

Ron Colyer

Violin & Viola

Ron Colyer is the best, and most experienced violin teacher in this area.  We are very privileged to have him as part of our team. 

Laura Anstee

Kodaly & Cello

Laura is a cellist and music teacher who works within many musical genres ranging from classical, world to pop. She has worked alongside contemporary composers Arvo Pärt and György Kurtág and with orchestras such as the BBC Symphony/Concert Orchestras and on Les Miserables in the West End.

Vicki Aspinall


Vicki loves to play the piano, she is full of fun and loves composition.

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