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Qualification Swim

The Channel Relay qualification swim rules state that you need to swim for 2 hours in water under 16, and this has to be signed off by an observer.

4 mermaids ( Susan, Laura, Joan & Jo) as Fiona was on holiday, along with some lovely friends from Henley Open Water Swimming Club went down to Dorset with the idea of swimming from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door. There was a bitter wind, but the sun was shining, and contrary to the photos the sea was very bouncy and big. We set off to swim out of the cove but all became clear when we were half way out that this was not entirely sensible, so we ended up having to go around and around the cove.

Jo, who recently has been tied up on our usual dip days sensibly decided that after 45 mins she was getting too cold (we decided it's because she doesn't have enough bioprene*), and as we still have almost 8 months to complete the qualifier she would do it another time. Susan, Joan & I (Laura) carried on and made the 2 hours. We were absolutely frozen, however we were surprised how quickly we warmed up afterwards. Sometimes it takes almost all day to warm up after a river swim.

We slept well that night, and all agreed that it was one of the most tricky swims we've done, and between us, we have done a lot! It took us all the weekend to recover, but we are pleased it is completed, and looking forward to cheering the other two on when it is their turn


*Bioprene - a layer of flubber covering one's body specifically cultivated for keeping warm in cold water.

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