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Mermaids messing.

We are in the middle of chilly training, and we are certainly getting in the cold water, on average between 3-5 times a week. Since November the water temperature has ranged from 7 - 2 degrees.

On Saturday Jo, Joan & Laura swam in the Parliament Hill Lido Ice Swimming Hootananny or PHISH for short! We had a relay team which included our friend and merman Mike, and our relay name was Mermaids and the Ginger Menace! We came last, but thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in the winter sunshine.

Laura, Fiona & Joan are going to Bled in Slovenia for the Winter Swimming Championships, which we are slightly worried about, not only is it quite a serious race, but we are doing distances of around 200-250m in very, very cold water - it has been known that ice is cut for you to get into the lake.

At the end of February Laura, Jo, Susan & Fiona are going to Snowdonia for some more winter swimming.

Our current training mainly consists of Cold swims in the river, lengths in the pool, pilates, circuits and spinning. As soon as the sea warms up a little, we will make lots of trips down to the south coast so we can get used to the salty water, waves & vast expanse of water!

We have had so many lovely donations, and a young girl Heather McAlister is giving a concert at All Saint's Peppard on 15th February, 11:00am. She is working towards her DipABRSM, and would love an audience, and all proceeds go to Henley Music School.

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