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Jo Robb

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, I grew up swimming at Coogee Beach and in the beautiful ocean pools of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

I moved to the UK in 2001 and met and married an Englishman. We lived in Islington, central London for 15 years but yearned for a greener lifestyle. So, in 2016, we picked up and moved to Shepherds Green, outside Henley and now we love walking in the woods, gardening and caring for our chickens, tortoise, tarantula and whippet.

I joined the Henley Open Water Swimming Club a year ago and swam throughout the winter. There is nothing like the buzz of cold-water swimming and the camaraderie of standing around shivering and laughing whilst trying to drink hot tea. Everyone should try it!

I have two young sons and three grown-up stepchildren and earlier this year, I was elected to South Oxfordshire District Council.

As a child, I learned classical guitar and I am passionate about the benefits of music tuition for children.

All children, not just those whose parents can afford it, should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and to participate in making music. The benefits, both academic and social, are clear. Properly funded musical education enriches children’s lives. I’m proud to be supporting Henley Music School, I just wish the charity did not have to exist and that central Government would recognise the importance of music tuition as part of a rounded education.

Initially I was roped in to swimming the Channel by Laura but now I’m incredibly excited. I’m apprehensive about the cold water and the jellyfish but am so looking forward to taking on this challenge with such a great bunch of women.

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